I'm dedicating my efforts of this web site to my best friend, the person that showed me how to hunt and fish and also showed me the way to be a man .

My Dad

My Father was a simple man that worked many years (38) for the L&N & CSX Railroad, and was liked by all his co-workers. This is truely something to be greatful for since I know so many Railroaders of the L&N RR that are of the highest respect of many.

Railroad people are a family of their own, when there is a need of a fellow railroader help is soon on the way and another railroader by the side of the person in need.

This was also the nature of my Dad.

Many never met my Father in which is a loss in it's self.

For 46 years I've called Clarence Reed Cole my Dad and for all the years to come .

I know I've been blessed to have such a Father.

I think you Lord for such a Father that you gave me.

Dad I Love ya !

Clarence Reed Cole

06/25/1929 - 08/03/2000

"Gone but not Forgotten"