These L&N RR. pages are dedicated to all former L&N RR. Employees

"Especially in Memory of my Dad" - Clarence Reed (RED) Cole

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Special Thank's to Jerry Sullivan , Stephen Foster & J.L. Hunt for their contribution's !

Special Thanks to Sam Beals Jr. for the following photos  !!

L&N RR Depot @ Warrior, AL.
April 8th 1920 Photo of L&N Steam Engine # 510 in West Nashville, TN.
With crew members W.A Malory, G.W. Jose, C.J. Lynch. L-R in cab of engine; A.L. Williams and C.A. Russell

L&N # 510

Charles Asbury Russell
Photo of C.A. Russell on Retirement day


      Williamsburg, KY. (Rick Phillips-Photo)

 Chapman, AL. Gwynne Burch-Photo

 * Shelbyville, KY.

 * Appalachia, Va.

 * PeeWee Valley

*Photo Credit ? Let me know !

 Georgianna, AL. (Jack Spence-Photo)

Calera, AL. (J.Larry Seale -Photo)

 Calera, AL. (Shared with Southern RR)

 Pride KY.  Chuck Hinrichs-Photo

Franklin, KY. Chris Newton-Photo

Greenback, TN. T. Moses-Photo

Stevenson AL.

Bridgeport AL.

Union Station - Louisville, KY.

Union Station - Louisville, KY. Rear view

Bowling Green KY.  (Being Reconditioned)

BG KY. Trackside view

New Haven KY.  (K.R.M.)

Albertville, Alabama

Guntersville, Alabama

Cowan TN. (NC.&St.L)

                      Clanton, Alabama (Randy Lewter-Photo)

Blue Ridge, Ga.

                    Tate, Ga.  (Unique Steps Photo)

Tate, Ga. pic#2

Kennesaw, Ga.

Columbia, TN.

Thompson's Station TN.

Thompson's Station Marker

Franklin, TN.

 Ardmore,AL. 1909

Athens, AL. pic#1Athens,AL. pic#2

 Athens Station (Depot)

Athens,AL Freight            B&W 19??

Depot Freight Wagon

                         Tanner,AL./McDonald Station (Sketch Info) Courtesy : James Croley Smith

*Actually the Decatur, AL. Depot is a Southern Depot, but was used by the L&N RR.*

Decatur,AL. pic#1Decatur,AL. pic#2


                              1915 Elkmont Sketch Courtesy : James Croley Smith


  Cullman, AL. pic#1 Cullman, AL. pic#2

  Cullman RR Historical Depot Sign

                                     Pensacola, FL. Depot Courtesy : Library of Congress

  Cantonment FL.  Courtesy - J. Larry Seale

  Cottondale FL. Courtesy - J.Larry Seale

  Bay Minette AL.  Coutesy - J .Larry Seale


 Montgomery, AL. Yard Office (Photo-Gwynne Birch)

Camp Car  (Inside view)


Departure / Arrival Board

CTC Controls (from B'Ham Terminal)

1969 N.A. RR Club Photo

Night scene L&N RR Main Building - Louisville

 L&N RR Building - Louisville *Photo- Beau Beaufait*

Pearl River Lightweight Sleeper Car

Kentucky - Tavern/Lounge Car

#2554 Heavyweight Passenger Car

#2572 Heavyweight Passenger Car

L&N RR Crane #40010

L&N Flatcar w/Water Tanks

L&N RR Motorcar #5461

L&N RR Motorcar #5989

Bud Laws Photos

Azalia Trail          Car #365          Green River

Garry Morris Photos

REA Car # 1393     Coach # 3101     Combine # 1651

Wood Combine    

Andrew Pickens Sleeper Car

Duncan Hines Dining Car

Escambia Bay Tressel (L&N) - (J. Larry Seale - Photo)

L&N # 20450 Woodrack (J.Larry Seale-Photo)

                                     Kayne Ave. (Civil War Era) Photo: LOC

L&N RR Trackgang     Cumberland River Bridge (Civil War Era) Photo:LOC

                              Auto Rack Photo - George R. Widener

#29632  Gondola

                         Lewisburg & Northern RR Celebration ?

                                    Coke Car (Photo-Tim O'Conner)      

Kayne Ave. Yards circa1915 Courtesy : Libarary of Congress

Car # 22363                L&N Wooden Flatcar

"PanAm" pic#1        "PanAm" pic#2        "SouthWind"

Dixie Flyer     Kayne Yards     Radnor Yards 1     Radnor Yards 2

L&N Railway Post Office      L&N Passenger Car

         L & N Hopper#1       L&N Hopper#2        Radnor Yards3


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